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Planner would not be possible without help and participation of these wonderful people: Algis, Raimonda, Česlovas, Aleksandra, Jurgina, Giedrė, Monika, Edita, Adomas, Algirdas, Rasa, Milda, George, Tomas, Laura, Živilė.

Customer reviews

Rasa Savickė, UAB „Baltijos vertimai“ director: We are using Planner system for 6 years. In the beginning used for separate processes, gradually, the system has become an end-to-end solution covering databases, e-mail, order and related document management, billing and performance analysis.

Work with and without Planner are the two uncomparable things. After deploying this system, we now have a possibility to systematically accumulate data, save documents, analise the different aspects of performance, notably accelerate workflow and organization. The biggest advantage of this system is a possibility to change the way it works and to tune it ideally to satisfy needs that are specific to the enterprise in order to integrate most important business processes. Efforts put into such improvement are really worthwhile, because are directly related to the process optimization.

The benefits of Planner system are felt not only inside the enterprise, but also visible to suppliers and customers as soon as the system allows to quickly find details related to earlier orders and makes work process very well organized.

Speaking for our enterprise, Planner system is unreplaceable business tool, without which we hardly imagine our daily work. We would like to thank ISPC for the kind service, quick technical problem resolution and creative collaboration.

Česlovas Koreiva, UAB „Kamava“ director: After deploying Planner, our hotel/guest house management possibilities have sky-rocketed. Ordering, customer reception, service payment processes have become clear and formally correct. The probability of mistakes was reduced. It is clear that human factor can not be completely eliminated, however warning and enquiry messages implemented in business management system Planner allow to minimize it....

The biggest advantage of the Planner for our enterprise is an ability to join the data of our three offices, in particular, orders, invoices and turnover. Very important module is "Perfomance analysis" which allows to see the different aspects of the statistical business data. Also there is a very comfortable visual module called "room reservation plan", not to mention countless functions that simplify the daily workflow.

Due to the technical problems, the system stops rarely. Usually, outage reason is missing electric power or Internet supplier downtime. In fact, we never had a bigger problem with Planner. I mean, there was no single time that we couldn't use the system for a long time and office work would stop, or customers were not served properly. Whereas little problems get fixed quickly enough. We are fully satisfied with the service of the program. Arising problems are solved without delay and respecting our opinion.

Algimantas Andrašiūnas, "SIXT Lietuva" director: Working and have no trouble. Thanks again for a perfect product.

Tomas Jurkšaitis, UAB "Lautoma" director: Having deployed Planner, work performance has boosted. The main advantage is that all purchase and sales information can be found in one place. I haven't noticed any serious disadvantages. Deployment was very straightforward and quick, therefore program benefits definitely are worth the implementation effort. System is very rarely down due to technical issues, so it doesn't make any significant impact. Customers do notice, that we work in a modern fashion (e-signature, quick order and invoice processing). We do not spend time fixing administrative mistakes raised due to technical glitches. Support services are great - inquiries are addressed promptly.